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Cover Title Author About Drawn Note
cover image of kraken Kraken China MiƩville An urban fantasy book so bizarre that at some parts I could not believe what I was reading. The beginning is eerie, but in a way that I imagine would be normal if you worked with specimens in a science museum. I learned a lot of new words from this one. Stickynote drawing with a Giant Squid, startrek symbol, bubbles, a flame, and an oragami crane
cover image of Below the edge of darkness Below the Edge of Darkness: A Memoir of Exploring Light and Life in the Deep Sea Edith Widder Non-fiction book with interesting facts about deep sea bioluminent animals, lobster cooking tips given by Fidel Castro, and perspectives from behind the scenes of manipulated documenteries like the ones on the History Channel. Dr. Widder observed gulper eel defense behavior (animal in top center) during one of her expeditions and it's also on this film taken by E/V Nautilus. Stickynote drawing with deep sea creatures
cover image of Below the edge of darkness Artemis Andy Weir Fast-paced scifi book that takes place on a lunar colony. I liked the way the moon's characteristics were taken into account when describing the base, such as the tall stairs for lower gravity. Day to day life on the moon was surprisingly mundane, and people had brought Earth's problems, including wealth inequality and corruption along with them. Stickynote drawing with a person in a EVA suit, outline of Kenya, harvester machine, and seaweed tank

This page is for books I have read

Sometimes, when I am reading a book or have just finished it, I make doodles on a sticky note that are somewhat relevant to it. Sometimes, if it is a library book, I'll leave it inside for someone else. I have never been the best with words, but I will write something about each book.